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This literary work of non-fiction is based on the author’s personal journeys alone. He backpacked to the coasts of the country, across the American continent, to London, England, Paris, France and Schwarzwald, Germany. And also to Andalusia, Spain, and Siberia, Russia. Above all, he cannot forget the simple-hearted pilgrimage to Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

He journeyed alone, sometimes meditating on writing, and sometimes on the journey itself. He saw and felt flamenco through his journey into Andalusia, and stepped on the snow-covered birch forest in Siberia that he longed for.

Writing this book, Journey Into Deep Lanscapes, he recalled a few of words of Annie Dillard:

“Write about winter in summer.

Describe Norway as Ibsen did, from a desk in Italy.”

Lastly, he lived at home in seclusion and went on an inner journey with picture books.

His long journey, like the flow of a deep river, was the source of inspiration for his writing. In a sense, writing was a kind of journey for him. This creative nonfiction deviates somewhat from the general novel structure. However, the flow of the entire text is consistent and organic. So, whether you may take it as a creative non-fiction or as a collection of personal essays. It’s up to you.